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Escala Berazza Wedding Dresses

escala berazza crystal made to measure wedding dress

Purchase a wedding dress online, have it in your hands in 13 weeks AND have it fit your body perfectly the first time you wear it. Sounds like a dream? Well, that is exactly what Escala Berazza promises with the launch of their online bridal platform on 30th September 2013.

Based in Dallas, TX, Escala Berazza uses nine dimensions of fit to create each dress in the bride’s exact size. Dresses will arrive within 13 weeks and are already custom made for a perfect fit, eliminating the need for drastic alterations that could potentially cause damage and compromise the integrity of the dress. Their signature sample program gives brides the option to order and return sample dresses first, so they can touch and feel the dresses before making their final order. “As a bride and online shopper myself, I would appreciate the opportunity to touch and feel an important article of clothing first, before purchasing, preferably in the comfort of my own home,” said Wei Escala, designer and co-founder of Escala Berazza. What’s more, Escala Berazza always pays for the shipping of brides’ dream dresses upon purchase and gladly offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For discerning brides looking for a one-of-a-kind gown, one-on-one design services are also offered.

Here are some of the lovely gowns you can find at Escala Berazza. Above, Crystal strapless gown with embellished bodice. Below, Rose strapless ball gown.

escala berazza custom made perfect fit wedding dresses rose strapless gown

Carmen strapless ball gown.

escala berazza 2013 2014 carmen strapless wedding dress

Meredith sleeveless mermaid gown with lace hemmed train.

escala berazza perfect fit wedding dresses meredith custom made gown

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